1. That Time When I Created a Product Design Students Did Not Know They Needed

    Date 09 Feb 2017
    For as long as I remembered, I am always fascinated with products that are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but also solving mundane problems. When I had the chance to design an innovative product to solve an everyday problem as one of my course’s projects, I was excited…

  2. Bits Chocolate Bars on Packaging of the World

    Date 26 Jan 2017
    (Original post: Packaging of the World) Partnering up with Michelle Zhen, this is identity and packaging created for conceptual chocolate brand Bits. A selection of chocolate bars was developed and designed to showcase the flavors of different cultures around the world, each with an interesting approach leaving the chocolate & its…

  3. Wellesley’s Apple Butter on Packaging of the World

    Date 19 Nov 2016
    Work is featured on Packaging of the World Website With the increasing sales in Jams, Preserves, Honey & All Natural products retail categories, there is quite a pressure from other competitors to Wellesley brand. Apple butter is definitely a healthier alternative than other breakfast jams/spreads in the market with no…

  4. Donuts Subway Map on Toronto Publications!

    Date 19 Nov 2016
    Original Post: BlogTO: Someone Created a Donut Map of Toronto Toronto loves donuts. From donut cones to crazy creations topped with candied bacon, toasted marshmallow fluff or peanut butter-flavoured glaze, our city is teeming with donut shops that go far beyond your run-of-the-mill Tims. And one individual has made it easier for you to seek out…

  5. Honourable Mention in the Adobe Design Awards

    Date 07 Oct 2016
    The ADAA is a global digital media competition for student creators. Connected to industry professionals, academic leaders, and top brands, the ADAA aims to launch the next generation of student careers. With 14 categories, the ADAA is a competition for creative students of all disciplines I have participated the Adobe…

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